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I write rhymes in comparison to the fairest of revolutionaries in order to show you where the truth is buried I am Damascus
Just a piece of the puzzle ask God why me and we'll tell you because we love you and nothin else is above you you control you The music you roll to who you give your soul to what you reading what you think what you eat and what you drink even when you bleed and you blink if you focus and find your center Open up and into unconventional methods of one two mic checkin get wet by my weapon dismissed from my session you ain't ready for lessons I rock from your block to spots in the Fertile Crescent I seem to have this absurd obsession to punk chumps who come after my blessings my rapture lack laughter laugh at you unless you submit to this mastermind match the heart you find in Gods words we all serve if you confused then observe

The purpose of this poem is to push people to push past the pain used to push people so you can push people to pass on the word raise up you might have to pass on that herb pass on that drank pass on that ass and I have to admit that that is my favorite and I ain't afraid of shit but making my makers list of people he gon' believe in and people he taken with and if the truth be too much to take quit so the prophets can profit professionals make hits

Bang for the flame I spits to make change if I can't make change I spits to maintain I don't care how hard it gets I ain't shamed you boys can't hold my rains I ain't tame. I cypher with sabers we ain't playing the same game I'm connected directly to the main frame it's a message I inject into your main vein infecting your nervous system leaving your brain drained I don't get no pleasure from the treasure you gain I bring steel to the field instead of the bling bling I don't get no pleasure from the treasury you gain I bring steel to the field instead of that bling bling Damascus steel standstill man will feel pain until you die his name


from whaddupwiddit: an anthology (draft), released February 7, 2017



all rights reserved


Joseph Jason Santiago LaCour San Francisco, California

Joseph Jason Santiago LaCour is a mestizo Chicagoan raised in South Dallas now living in the Bay Area. As an early father, he's held more jobs than he can count while writing and performing just enough to stay sane. Combining poetry and verse with graphic art and music, LaCour works to communicate a message of love through spiritual balance and self-exploration. The mission is righteous evolution. ... more

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