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shiss hotcho


88 (mastered)
listen to the whispering winds from within
walking with the preacher leaking through heavenly speaker
helping to guide the seeker searching for something perfect
working with the flow of the current complete the circuit
tap into the wire in effort to take me higher
praying and paper-chasing to chase away my desire
I admit I am selfish. Yes, I’d rather be selfless
I’m tired of just barely surviving and feeling helpless
get busy living or busy dying. Is he crying or laughing
it doesn’t matter as long as we’re boom-bapping
neck snap snare clap kicking and hat ticking
as long as the heart’s beating the devil will keep cheating
demon’s will keep creeping. They know the beat’s deep
inside the mind’s eye. God defines I
and I believe we done finally reached a point
of no return the flesh is about to burn
lose that perm soldier. You’ve got to earn the right to learn
despite the sperm. Get off the sherm
the king is finna return
bow down. From penthouse to cowtown
we’re living in revelation. Ain’t no countdown
hillbillies in the south, we’re rocking the wild style
turn off the radio. Brainwashing my baby, Bro
simply for the sake of the greatness of false gods
trying to break even by betting on false odds
snake eyes. Too many fingers in their pies
I don’t want none of that (double negative)
son, I’m a thundercat. Lion
soul Patrolling on Mt. Zion
I don’t doubt the mayan scientist was on point back then
and now, astronomy’s measured in back spins
and windmills. I’ve been ill since 1988 (rebirth)
prince of the pause button loving my baby breaks
making your Baby Cakes shake it like shake and bake
these are the verses that God made me make…


from whaddupwiddit: an anthology (draft), released February 7, 2017
Lyrics and words by Joseph Jason Santiago LaCour alias damascus
Beats and Production by John Carruth



all rights reserved


Joseph Jason Santiago LaCour San Francisco, California

Joseph Jason Santiago LaCour is a mestizo Chicagoan raised in South Dallas now living in the Bay Area. As an early father, he's held more jobs than he can count while writing and performing just enough to stay sane. Combining poetry and verse with graphic art and music, LaCour works to communicate a message of love through spiritual balance and self-exploration. The mission is righteous evolution. ... more

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